1080P HD Sports Camera Sunglasses: 64G Memory, Hands-Free Recording – Hiking, Biking, Fishing

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Are you an adventure lover? Then, you’re at the right place to find what you need. With 1080P HD Sports Camera Sunglasses, capturing moments of biking, hiking, fishing, and driving becomes easier. These sunglasses include a 64G Memory Card for all your hands-free recording needs. Don’t miss a chance to record life’s thrilling moments with just a glance.
If you ever wished to capture the breathtaking view while biking or hiking without pausing, these 1080P HD Sports Camera Sunglasses are designed for you. Features includes:

– **1080P HD Camera:** Crystal clear video recording, ensuring every detail is captured.
– **64G Memory Card:** Ample storage for endless recording.
– **Hands-Free Operation:** Ideal for sports, hiking, biking, fishing, driving, and more.
– **Stylish Design:** Not only functional but also fashionable, these sunglasses fits various outdoor activities.

These sunglasses are more than just an accessory; they’re a tool to preserve memories. It’s easier now to stay in the moment without sacrificing the memories.
Q: Can I wear these sunglasses normally?
A: Yes, these sunglasses have a stylish design suitable for regular wear.

Q: What’s the resolution of the camera?
A: The camera offers 1080P HD resolution for clear video capture.

Q: Is the memory card included?
A: Yes, a 64G memory card is included with the sunglasses.

Q: Are these suitable for fishing and driving?
A: Absolutely, the sunglasses are designed for hands-free recording during various activities including fishing and driving.

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