21-Piece PAXLamb Foam Padding Kit for Bike, Scooter, Skateboard Helmets

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Revolutionise your safety gear with the PAXLamb Foam Padding Kit. Comprising 21 pieces, this collection of liner inner protective pads is an essential upgrade for cycling sport helmets, skateboard, scooter, and motorcycle head protection.

The PAXLamb Foam Padding Kit is meticulously designed to boost comfort and safety while engaging in a multitude of sports activities. Its purpose lies in providing a replacement cushion mat for your helmet, allowing for enhanced head protection and a more secure fit.

This kit, tailored for various sports helmets, consists of 21 separate pieces. This feature allows for customisation according to the user’s comfort and helmet size, enabling a snug, well-protected experience. Made from high-quality materials, these foam pads promise longevity, providing you with lasting protection and comfort during your sports activities.

Installing these protective pads is straightforward. Users can easily replace worn-out or uncomfortable helmet padding with the provided pads, ensuring their helmet remains in optimum condition for a safer and more comfortable sporting experience. Whether you are an ardent biker, a skateboarding enthusiast, or a regular scooter user, this foam padding kit is a must-have.

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