3T-SISTER Hawk Cosplay Wig – Authentic Hair Decor for Motorcycle, Bicycle, and Ski Helmets

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An essential accessory for every adventure seeker, the 3T-SISTER Hawk Cosplay Wig stands out for its authenticity and quality. Easily attachable to any motorcycle, bicycle, or ski helmet, this realistic hair decoration ensures a unique presence on the road or the slopes. Please note that the helmet isn’t included in the purchase.
Distinguish yourself with the 3T-SISTER Hawk Cosplay Wig, a top-notch helmet decoration designed to add flair and fun to your biking or skiing experience. Crafted with real hair, this stylish accessory captures attention while ensuring a comfortable and secure fit to your helmet.

Applicable to a variety of helmets, this Mohawk wig can significantly enhance your helmet’s aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re on a motorcycle, a bicycle, or hitting the slopes on your skis, the 3T-SISTER Hawk Cosplay Wig stands as a unique companion, adding an element of playfulness to your ride.

The installation process is effortless, thanks to the provided adhesive pads. Simply peel off the protective film, position the wig on your helmet, and apply pressure. Despite its secure adhesion, the wig is easily removable, allowing you to switch styles as desired.

Despite its striking appearance, the 3T-SISTER Hawk Cosplay Wig is designed for durability. It effortlessly withstands wind and weather, retaining its bold, vivid colour and texture, regardless of the conditions. However, it’s important to note that the helmet isn’t included and must be purchased separately.
Q: Is the 3T-SISTER Hawk Cosplay Wig easy to attach?
A: Absolutely. The wig comes with adhesive pads. Simply remove the protective film, place the wig on the helmet, and apply pressure for secure attachment.

Q: Can the wig withstand high-speed wind when riding?
A: Yes, the wig is designed to handle wind and weather conditions, maintaining its shape and colour even at high speeds.

Q: Does the purchase include a helmet?
A: No, the purchase only includes the Hawk Cosplay Wig. The helmet needs to be bought separately.

Q: Is it difficult to remove the wig from the helmet if I want to change styles?
A: Not at all. Despite its secure fit, the wig can be easily removed to switch styles as desired.

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