3T-SISTER Helmet Pigtails Accessory: Dual 24inch Braids for Motorcycle, Bicycle and Skating Helmets in Multiple Shades

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Gussy up your helmet with the 3T-SISTER Pigtails Accessory, offering dual 24-inch braids. Designed specifically for helmet adornment, this versatile accessory can enhance motorcycle, bicycle, batting, and skate helmets, adding a touch of personal flair. Available in a plethora of colours, this accessory brings a fresh twist to your regular riding gear. Note: helmet is not included.

Bored of mundane helmets? The 3T-SISTER Pigtails Accessory gives a quirky spin to any helmet. Designed with high-grade synthetic hair, these 24-inch braids offer durability and are extremely easy to attach. They can withstand high speeds, ensuring they stay in place no matter how fast you go. Ideal for a variety of helmets, including motorcycle, bicycle, batting, and skating, these pigtails are available in numerous colours, allowing you to express your personality and style. Moreover, you can easily adjust them, making them a versatile addition to your gear. Please note, this accessory set only includes the braids; the helmet isn’t part of the package.

Q: Can I attach these to any helmet?
A: Yes, these pigtails can be attached to various helmet types, such as those used for motorcycles, bicycles, batting, and skating.

Q: How do I install these pigtails on my helmet?
A: Installation is quite simple. They come with adhesive mounting for easy attachment.

Q: Are the pigtails durable?
A: Yes, they’re made from high-grade synthetic hair and designed to withstand high speeds, ensuring durability.

Q: Are they available in different colours?
A: Absolutely, the 3T-SISTER Pigtails Accessory comes in a multitude of shades, providing numerous options to suit your taste.

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