3T-SISTER Helmet Pigtails Gradient Ramp Braids 24inch with Bowknot or Rose for Motor Bike

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Looking to enhance your motorbike helmet with a dash of personal flair? 3T-SISTER Helmet Pigtails offers just the solution. With gradient ramp helmet braids, bowknot, or rose, these ponytail accessories are designed for the biking enthusiast who seeks to ride in style. Attachable with a suction cup, they come in various shades to match your unique taste.
If you love to ride with flair and want something that represents your personality, 3T-SISTER Helmet Pigtails are perfect for you. These 24-inch gradient ramp braids with a suction cup attachment bring an elegant touch to your motorbike gear.

Variety of Styles: Available in numerous colors, with a bowknot or rose, these braids allow customization to your liking.
Ease of Attachment: The inclusion of a suction cup ensures secure fixation on the helmet, suitable for any biking adventure.
Quality Material: Crafted from top-notch material, these pigtails are durable and resistant to the elements.
Compatibility: Though the helmet is not included, these braids fit various helmet types, allowing flexibility in choice.

Rev up your appearance and let your personality shine through with 3T-SISTER Helmet Pigtails. Ideal for both everyday rides and special journeys, these stylish additions provide an unmistakable personal touch.
Q: How do the 3T-SISTER Helmet Pigtails attach?
A: They attach using a suction cup, making them easy to affix and remove.

Q: Can I choose between a bowknot or a rose?
A: Yes, you can select either a bowknot or rose, depending on your preference.

Q: What’s the length of these pigtails?
A: They are 24 inches long, providing a noticeable but not overbearing addition to your helmet.

Q: Are they compatible with all helmets?
A: While they are designed to fit a wide range of helmets, it’s best to check your particular helmet’s compatibility.

Q: Does the package include the helmet?
A: No, the helmet is not included in the purchase. The package contains only the pigtail accessory.

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