3T-SISTER Motorcycle Helmet Pigtails: Curly Braids in Ombre, 22-Inch Synthetic Fibre

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Discover a stylish addition for motorcycle enthusiasts: 3T-SISTER’s Ombre Ponytail Pigtails. Designed specifically for helmets, these 22-inch curly braids, made from high-quality synthetic fibre, provide a unique and fashionable flair for riders on the move. Note: Helmet isn’t part of the package.
Motorcycle riders often look for ways to personalise their gear. 3T-SISTER’s ponytail pigtails offer a chic solution. Curled to perfection and sporting a trendy ombre shade, these braids are made of durable synthetic fibre, ensuring they’ll withstand the challenges of the road. Effortlessly attaching via suction cup, these pigtails not only enhance the appearance of any motorcycle helmet but also make the rider stand out. Whether it’s for a daily ride or a special event, these pigtails are an excellent choice for those who value both style and quality.
Q: Do these pigtails come with a helmet?
A: No, the pigtails are sold separately. The helmet isn’t included.

Q: How are the pigtails attached to the helmet?
A: They attach using a suction cup, making it easy to place and remove.

Q: Can I use them on any helmet?
A: Yes, the design is versatile and can be used on various helmet types.

Q: Is the colour as vibrant as shown?
A: Yes, the ombre effect is designed to be both vibrant and trendy, enhancing the overall look.

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