Adhesive Mohawk Wig for Helmets: 3T-SISTER’s Addition for Outdoor Sports and Cosplay

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An exhilarating fusion of fashion and safety, 3T-SISTER presents a Helmet Mohawk Wig – a trendsetting attachment for motorcycle, bicycle, ski, and snowboard helmets. As an adhesive, this Mohawk can upgrade any ordinary helmet, making it both eye-catching and edgy. Made to be durable, this product adds a striking element to your sports equipment and even cosplay costumes. It’s important to note, the helmet isn’t included in the purchase.
A unique twist on traditional helmet accessories, the 3T-SISTER Helmet Mohawk Wig can easily adhere to your helmet, changing its look entirely. Apart from its obvious aesthetic appeal, it serves as an unconventional tool to enhance your visibility while participating in any outdoor sports or even on the road.

Unlike conventional helmet accessories, the adhesive Mohawk is easy to apply and remove, offering versatility for every helmet owner. Also, it’s designed to withstand extreme conditions making it a reliable addition to your gear. So whether you’re tearing down the slopes or cruising down the highway, this Mohawk is ready to endure the elements.

Don’t forget, this product isn’t just for sports. With the rising popularity of cosplay, the adhesive Mohawk Wig adds an impressive detail to any skinhead costume or character with a Mohawk. It’s a versatile accessory, ready to turn heads at your next event.
Q: Does the Mohawk Wig easily detach from the helmet?
A: Yes, the adhesive is designed to hold firmly but can be removed without damaging the helmet’s surface.

Q: Can this product withstand high-speed activities?
A: Absolutely, the Mohawk Wig is made to endure high-speed outdoor activities like skiing or motorcycle riding.

Q: Is it suitable for all helmet types?
A: Yes, it’s designed to stick on various helmets – be it for motorcycles, bicycles, skiing, or snowboarding.

Q: Can I use it for cosplay events?
A: Indeed! It’s not just for sports, but can also add a unique touch to any skinhead or Mohawk character costume.

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