Adorn Your Helmets: 3T-SISTER’s Reusable Crown Crystal Velcro Accessory

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Unveiling 3T-SISTER’s sparkling accessory: a charming Crown Crystal Crown, tailored to infuse a touch of uniqueness to your ski, bicycle, or motorcycle helmets. This embellishment not only elevates the aesthetics but also secures effortlessly with its reusable Velcro design. A reminder: the package does not include a helmet, only the decoration.

Discover the captivating blend of function and fashion in 3T-SISTER’s Crown Crystal Crown. This helmet adornment, encompassing sheer beauty and versatility, makes for a remarkable accessory irrespective of the type of helmet you own, be it for skiing, bicycling or motorcycling.

Constructed with reusable Velcro, the Crown Crystal Crown offers seamless application and repositioning, allowing you to customise your helmet as frequently as you like. The reusable aspect ensures longevity, making it a reliable and cost-effective choice for those seeking to personalise their protective gear.

Please bear in mind that the package encompasses the Crown Crystal Crown only. The helmet is not part of the deal. Thus, you’re offered a decoration you can affix to any helmet you already possess. So why wait? Grace your helmet with 3T-SISTER’s Crown Crystal Crown and revel in the uniqueness it provides.

Q: Can I use the 3T-SISTER Crown Crystal Crown on any helmet type?
A: Absolutely. The Crown Crystal Crown is compatible with ski, bicycle, and motorcycle helmets.

Q: How easy is it to apply and remove the crown?
A: The crown comes with a reusable Velcro design, ensuring seamless application and removal. You can reposition it as often as you like without any issues.

Q: Is the helmet included in the package?
A: No, the package includes only the Crown Crystal Crown. The helmet is not included.

Q: Is the Crown Crystal Crown durable?
A: Yes, it’s made to last. The reusable Velcro ensures its longevity, offering a reliable and cost-effective choice for personalising your helmet.

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