Adults’ LIVALL EVO21 Smart Cycling Helmet: SOS Alert, Bluetooth, 360° Warning Light, Brake Warning Light, Turn Signals Suitable for E-Bikes, Scooters, Mountain Bikes

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Discover an essential accessory for the modern-day cyclist – the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Cycling Helmet. This ingenious safety gear revolutionises cycling safety, blending tech and comfort in a sleek design. Crafted with riders’ safety and convenience in mind, the helmet is perfect for commuting, mountain biking, or leisurely e-bike rides.
Distinguishable by its integrated technology, the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Cycling Helmet enhances your ride while prioritising your safety. The helmet features a 360° Warning Light that provides optimal visibility, promoting cyclist safety, especially in low light conditions.

Furthermore, the EVO21 is equipped with Brake Warning Lights that alert others when you’re slowing down or stopping, providing an extra layer of protection. Turn Signals integrated into the helmet offer clearer communication with other road users, significantly reducing the risk of incidents.

The helmet also comes with a built-in Bluetooth function, allowing you to connect your smartphone and receive SOS Alerts directly. This innovative feature enables instant contact in case of an emergency, ensuring that help is never far away.

In addition, this smart helmet is designed for adults and is ideal for various activities, whether you’re commuting through the city, traversing mountain trails, or enjoying a scenic ride on your e-bike or scooter.

Q: Does the LIVALL EVO21 Helmet come with Bluetooth connectivity?
A: Yes, the helmet is equipped with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect your smartphone.

Q: Are the Turn Signals and Brake Warning Lights integrated into the helmet?
A: Absolutely, these features are built into the helmet design, providing additional safety.

Q: Can this helmet be used for both mountain biking and city commuting?
A: Yes, the helmet is suitable for a variety of cycling activities, including mountain biking and city commuting.

Q: Does the helmet send SOS Alerts?
A: Yes, the helmet has the ability to send SOS Alerts to your smartphone in case of an emergency.

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