AKASO & Go Pro Hero Action Camera Accessory Bundle: Outdoor Adventure Gear 42-piece Set

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Level up your outdoor adventure filming experience with this comprehensive 42-piece accessory bundle compatible with various models of AKASO and Go Pro Hero action cameras. This kit ensures your footage remains dynamic and engaging, capturing every thrill from unique perspectives.
Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, this accessory kit includes various mounts, straps, and tripods to facilitate different shooting requirements. It is suitable for a wide range of activities like cycling, surfing, skiing, or even underwater exploration. The kit is tailored to work seamlessly with numerous action camera models, namely AKASO’s EK7000, EK7000 Pro, Brave 4, Brave 7 LE, Brave 7, Brave 8, V50X, V50 Pro, V50 Elite, and Go Pro Hero models 11, 10, and 9.

The 42 items comprise adaptable mounts for helmets, handlebars, or boards, chest and wrist straps for point-of-view footage, floating handle grips for water adventures, and tripods for stable ground shots. There are also cases to keep your gear protected and organised. These accessories ensure you won’t miss a moment of action, allowing you to film exciting sequences from innovative angles and perspectives.

The build quality of the items is sturdy, designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Despite the rugged construction, the accessories are user-friendly, with easy installation procedures even for beginners. Overall, this kit provides versatility and convenience to your outdoor filming, enhancing the overall action camera experience.
Q: Is this kit compatible with other action camera models apart from those specified?
A: While this kit is designed for specific AKASO and Go Pro Hero models, some accessories might be compatible with other action camera models. However, optimal fit and performance can’t be guaranteed.

Q: Are the items in the kit water-resistant?
A: Yes, certain items like the floating handle grip are designed to be water-resistant, ideal for water-based activities. However, not all components are water-resistant, so care should be taken near water.

Q: How easy is it to install these accessories onto the cameras?
A: The accessories are designed to be user-friendly, with simple installation processes. Most require no tools and can be easily adjusted or attached to your action camera.

Q: Are there any protective accessories for the cameras in this kit?
A: Yes, the kit includes protective cases for your action cameras, providing an extra layer of security against potential damages in harsh environments.

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