AKASO & GoPro Parkour Kit: Compatibility Guide

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Explore the compatibility of the AKASO Parkour Kit. Whether you’re a user of AKASO’s series, GoPro Hero, DJI, or Apexcam, find clarity on how it fits with various models.
When diving into the world of action cameras, ensuring equipment compatibility is paramount. The AKASO Parkour Kit emerges as a versatile accessory, designed to complement a broad range of action cameras. From the popular EK7000 series and Brave line-up of AKASO, through to GoPro Hero models, DJI, and even the Apexcam range – users are spoilt for choice. However, with myriad models in the market, it’s pivotal to understand the specifics of which cameras pair perfectly with this kit.

For AKASO enthusiasts, the kit matches seamlessly with EK7000, EK7000 Pro, Brave 4, Brave 4 Pro, Brave 7 LE, Brave 7, Brave 8, V50X, V50 Pro, and V50 Elite. Those leaning towards GoPro can find compatibility from Hero 7 up to the latest Hero 11. Not to leave out, DJI and Apexcam aficionados can breathe easy, as this kit is designed with their models in mind too.
Q: Is the AKASO Parkour Kit suited for all GoPro Hero models?
A: The kit is tailored for GoPro Hero models ranging from Hero 7 to Hero 11.

Q: Can I use the kit with both AKASO’s EK7000 and Brave series?
A: Absolutely! The kit is compatible with various models from both the EK7000 and Brave series.

Q: I own an Apexcam action camera. Will the AKASO Parkour Kit fit?
A: Yes, the kit is designed considering the Apexcam action camera range as well.

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