AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera – Waterproof, EIS, Web Cam, Accessories

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The AKASO V50 Pro Native stands as a robust choice for action enthusiasts, diving deep into capturing experiences without the fear of weather conditions. With an impressive 4K resolution, 20MP for vivid images, and enhanced stabilization (EIS), it provides all you need to document adventures. The package includes a handy external microphone, a remote control, and a specially crafted helmet accessories kit.
With the AKASO V50 Pro Native, action photography reaches new heights. Features like 4K30fps videos, 20MP photos, and the EIS touch screen provide optimal control and quality. The 100 feet waterproof design ensures that the camera can perform in various environments. The added value of a web camera function makes it versatile for different applications.

Included in the package are helpful accessories such as an external microphone for crystal clear sound, a remote control for effortless operation, and a helmet accessories kit. These extras offer more flexibility in capturing sports and action moments. Whether biking, surfing, or skiing, the AKASO V50 Pro Native has you covered.
Q: Can the AKASO V50 Pro Native be used as a regular camera?
A: Absolutely, its 20MP photo capability allows for standard photography as well.

Q: What makes the waterproof feature stand out?
A: The 100 feet waterproof rating ensures use in various aquatic adventures without worry.

Q: Is the helmet accessories kit suitable for all helmets?
A: The kit is designed to fit most helmets, providing the flexibility for multiple sports activities.

Q: How does the external mic enhance the camera’s function?
A: The external mic offers better sound quality, capturing audio details that the built-in mic might miss.

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