Apexcam 4K Action Cam, 20MP, 40M Waterproof, 170° Scope, WiFi & 2.4G Remote, Dual Batteries, 2.0 LCD, Mount Kit Inclusive

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Get in on action-filled captures, crisp resolution, and extensive underwater depths with the Apexcam 4K Action Camera. Boasting of a 20MP sensor, this robust unit pushes boundaries in sport and underwater videography, guaranteeing immersive shots every time. Ranging from 170° wide-angle view, in-built WiFi, 2.4G remote control to two batteries, this gem provides more than what meets the eye.
Equipped with 4K quality, the Apexcam Action Camera delivers images with striking sharpness. Its 20MP lens ensures every detail is captured, every texture is defined, and every colour is brilliantly displayed. With the 40M waterproof feature, dive deep into underwater exploration with no worry of damage.

What sets it apart is the 170° wide-angle view which effortlessly takes in vast landscapes or bustling scenes, providing a comprehensive perspective. Furthermore, with WiFi connectivity and 2.4G remote control, you can adjust settings or review your shots without having to reach for the camera physically.

Dual batteries offer longevity, keeping your adventure-filled sessions uninterrupted. The camera’s 2.0 LCD enables clear previews and playbacks. Every purchase comes with a mounting accessories kit, ensuring the camera is versatile for various adventure setups.
Q: What resolution does the Apexcam 4K Action Camera deliver?
A: It delivers crisp 4K resolution for videos and 20MP for photos.

Q: Is it safe to use this camera underwater?
A: Yes, the Apexcam 4K Action Camera has a 40M waterproof rating, making it ideal for underwater use.

Q: What is the advantage of having a 170° wide-angle view?
A: A 170° wide-angle view allows you to capture broader scenes, making it great for landscapes or large group shots.

Q: How does the 2.4G remote control contribute to the camera’s usability?
A: The 2.4G remote control allows you to adjust settings or review shots from a distance, adding to the convenience of usage.

Q: What comes with the Apexcam 4K Action Camera purchase?
A: The camera comes with two batteries and a mounting accessories kit to make it versatile for different adventure setups.

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