BASE CAMP SF-999: Bluetooth Bicycle Helmet with Built-in Speakers, Microphone and LED Indicators

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Explore the upgraded cycling experience with the BASE CAMP SF-999, your smart companion for bike rides, skateboard sessions, e-bike adventures, and scooter trips. This adult helmet comes with state-of-the-art features such as Bluetooth connectivity, in-built speakers, and a microphone. But, its unique selling point is its rear LED lights that also function as smart turn indicators, ensuring optimum safety. The FR Fit System ensures comfort and a perfect fit for all.
Improve your bike journey’s safety and enjoy a seamless communication experience with the BASE CAMP SF-999 Smart Bluetooth Bike Helmet. The helmet offers advanced technology features for your everyday use. Not only does it protect you on your rides, but it also provides you with top-notch functionality.

Enjoy your favorite music or answer calls without interrupting your ride, thanks to the built-in speakers and microphone. The Bluetooth connectivity ensures a stable connection, offering you an uninterrupted flow of music and conversation while on the go.

The rear LED lights with smart turn signals are another remarkable feature. These lights enhance your visibility in low light conditions, making your ride safer. Moreover, they also serve as turn signals, informing others on the road about your direction, thereby avoiding potential accidents.

The FR Fit System offers a customized fit for adults, making it suitable for various head sizes. It’s perfect for different types of rides including bicycle, skateboard, e-bike, and scooter. Thus, BASE CAMP SF-999 is not just a helmet, it is a smart companion for your journeys.

Q: Can I connect the BASE CAMP SF-999 with my phone via Bluetooth?
A: Absolutely, the helmet comes with a Bluetooth feature, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone for music or calls.

Q: How does the rear LED light work?
A: The rear LED light serves as a safety feature enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. Additionally, it acts as a smart turn signal, indicating your direction to others on the road.

Q: Is the helmet one size fits all?
A: Yes, thanks to the FR Fit System, the helmet offers a customized fit for adults with various head sizes.

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