Basecamp BC-10 Lightweight Cycling Helmets for Adults: LED Safety Feature, Detachable Visor, Handy Backpack

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Immerse in the thrill of cycling with the assurance of safety and comfort that comes with Basecamp’s BC-10 Bike Helmet. Its features meet the needs of both men and women, spanning across mountain and road cycling endeavours. Its unique LED safety light, portable backpack and removable sun visor offer a perfect blend of function and convenience.
This Basecamp Bike Helmet, designated as BC-10, is an innovative gear designed with attention to detail. It’s fashioned for men and women, and it’s ideal for mountain and road cycling. Lightweight and adjustable, it offers the perfect fit while ensuring minimal strain. Its breathable feature ensures comfort during the ride. One of its major highlights is the LED safety light, which enhances visibility in less lit environments.

The helmet also comes with a removable sun visor, providing protection from sun glare while you traverse various terrains. Notably, it incorporates a portable backpack, making it easy to carry around when not in use. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice, this helmet’s multi-dimensional features cater to your needs, offering a seamless blend of safety and convenience. Experience comfort, enjoy the ride, and stay protected with the Basecamp BC-10 Bike Helmet.
Q: Can the sun visor on the BC-10 Bike Helmet be detached?
A: Yes, the sun visor on the BC-10 Bike Helmet from Basecamp is removable.

Q: Is the Basecamp BC-10 Bike Helmet adjustable?
A: Indeed, the BC-10 Bike Helmet is adjustable, ensuring a snug fit for all adults.

Q: Does the BC-10 Bike Helmet come with a safety light?
A: Yes, the BC-10 Bike Helmet is equipped with an LED safety light enhancing visibility.

Q: Can the BC-10 Bike Helmet be easily transported?
A: Absolutely, the helmet includes a portable backpack for easy transportation when not in use.

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