BELL Bullitt Helmet Accessories: Black/Medium Top Liner

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Explore the BELL Bullitt range – presenting a sleek, black/medium top liner that ensures comfort and style. Perfect for those in search of premium motorcycle accessories.

The BELL Bullitt range, renowned for its impeccable design and function, has launched a new addition: the Black/Medium Top Liner. This accessory offers riders not only an aesthetic enhancement but also ensures that their helmet fits snugly and comfortably.

Crafted with precision, the top liner’s material promises durability. Its black shade brings a touch of elegance, ensuring riders look their best while on the move. Functionality isn’t compromised; the medium size aligns perfectly with most head shapes, ensuring a comfortable ride.

Furthermore, it’s a breeze to install. Compatible with the BELL Bullitt series, users can seamlessly integrate this accessory, reinforcing the helmet’s internal structure and enhancing overall ride quality.

Q: Is this top liner suitable for all BELL helmets?
A: While designed for the BELL Bullitt series, it’s essential to check compatibility with other models.

Q: Does the colour fade over time?
A: No, the black hue remains vibrant and is resistant to wear and tear.

Q: Can I clean the liner?
A: Certainly! Ensure you follow care instructions to maintain its pristine condition.

Q: Will it alter the helmet’s weight?
A: Not significantly. Its design ensures minimal weight addition while boosting comfort.

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