BELL Falcon XRV LED MIPS – Safety for Adult Road Cyclists

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Introducing the BELL Falcon XRV LED MIPS helmet, designed with the serious adult road cyclist in mind. With its sleek design, integrated LED features, and advanced MIPS technology, this helmet combines style with safety. Whether you’re a professional or a passionate enthusiast, the Falcon XRV promises to enhance your cycling experience.
Designed for the ultimate road cycling experience, the BELL Falcon XRV LED MIPS helmet provides top-of-the-line features. The integrated LED lighting ensures visibility, while the MIPS technology offers additional protection in certain impacts. Its aerodynamic shape and comfortable fit make it a preferred choice for many cyclists.

LED Lighting: Enhances visibility for safer rides.
MIPS Technology: Minimizes rotational forces that can cause brain injuries.
Adjustable Fit: Customizes to each rider for comfort and security.
Ventilation System: Keeps the head cool and sweat-free.
Quality Construction: Ensures durability and longevity.

Invest in your safety and performance on the road with the Falcon XRV. Experience cycling like never before.
Q: What is the MIPS technology in the BELL Falcon XRV LED helmet?
A: MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It’s designed to protect against the rotational forces that may occur during an impact, potentially reducing the risk of brain injuries.

Q: Is the LED feature in the helmet battery-powered?
A: Yes, the LED feature is battery-powered, providing an added layer of visibility during low-light conditions.

Q: Can I adjust the fit of the helmet to my head size?
A: Absolutely, the BELL Falcon XRV LED MIPS helmet has an adjustable fit system, allowing for a customized and secure fit for different head sizes.

Q: How does the ventilation system work?
A: The helmet’s ventilation system consists of strategically placed vents that allow air to flow through, keeping your head cool and comfortable during long rides.

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