BELL Grown-Up BMX Cycling Helmet – Local Australian Choice

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A quintessential component of your BMX kit, the BELL Local Adult Helmet combines elegance with top-notch safety. With a design catered towards grown-ups, this piece of protective gear boosts confidence, inviting you to tackle new challenges on your BMX bike.
BELL’s Local Adult BMX helmet offers a unique blend of style, comfort, and safety. Decked in classic BMX style, it showcases a robust ABS shell with an EPS liner, making sure your head is well-protected against impacts. BELL’s innovative Action Fit design enhances adjustability, enabling a custom fit for utmost comfort.

The helmet not only offers top-tier protection but also ensures you remain cool during intense rides. It incorporates ten vents for breathability, ensuring air circulation is never compromised. Adorned with a rounded profile and peak, this helmet boasts a timeless, old-school style that makes you stand out in the crowd.

More so, the BELL Local Adult BMX Helmet is a stellar example of BELL’s commitment to excellence. Its design, centred on safety and style, aligns with Australia’s safety regulations, making it an ideal choice for local BMX enthusiasts.
Q: Can I adjust the helmet’s size?
A: Absolutely. The BELL Local Adult BMX helmet comes with an Action Fit design that allows for seamless adjustability for the perfect fit.

Q: Is the helmet compliant with Australian safety standards?
A: Yes, the helmet complies with all current Australian safety standards for cycling helmets.

Q: How does this helmet help during hot weather?
A: The helmet is designed with ten vents that promote superior ventilation, ensuring your head remains cool during intense rides.

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