Black LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap, Adjustable 35-7/16 Inch to 47-1/4 Inch Bungee Cords with Hooks for Bicycle, Motorcycle, and Helmet, Single Pack

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The LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap offers versatile and reliable support for your biking needs. With adjustability from 35-7/16 inch to 47-1/4 inch, this black bungee cord and its two hooks ensure your luggage is secure during your bicycle or motorcycle ride.
This adaptable LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap is perfect for securing luggage on bicycles and motorcycles. The strap’s length varies between 35-7/16 inch and 47-1/4 inch, allowing flexibility for various loads. Its elastic quality ensures a snug fit for your belongings, reducing the risk of items falling off during your journey.

The strap comes with two durable hooks that latch securely onto your bike’s rack. Its strong yet flexible design enables it to hold a variety of items, from helmets to camping gear, contributing to a worry-free riding experience. Offered in a sleek black colour, it seamlessly blends with most bicycles or motorcycles, maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Designed with practicality in mind, this strap is an essential tool for cyclists and motorcyclists. Whether you’re planning a short commute or a long-distance journey, the LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap gives you the confidence that your luggage is secured and safe.
Q: What is the length of the LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap?
A: The strap’s length is adjustable from 35-7/16 inch to 47-1/4 inch.

Q: What does the LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap package include?
A: The package includes a single black elastic bike strap with two hooks.

Q: Can the LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap be used with motorcycles?
A: Yes, it can be used with both bicycles and motorcycles to secure luggage.

Q: What type of items can the LYMGS Elastic Bike Strap hold?
A: It’s versatile, capable of securing various items such as helmets, camping gear and other loads.

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