Black Unisize Overade Removable Cloth Visor – Plixi Foldable Helmet

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Introducing the Overade Removable Cloth Visor for the Plixi Foldable Helmet. In the sleek colour black and a unisize fit, this accessory is not just functional but also stylish. It’s designed to enhance the user’s experience while keeping convenience in mind.
If you own a Plixi Foldable Helmet, then the Overade Removable Cloth Visor is an accessory worth considering. Available in a universal size, it’s easy to attach and remove. The sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to the helmet’s overall appearance.

What sets this visor apart is its quality construction and the convenience it provides. Not only does it shield your eyes from harsh elements, but it also folds away neatly with the helmet, keeping the streamlined design intact. Whether for daily commuting or occasional rides, this visor adds value to your biking experience without hindering the helmet’s portability.
Q: What’s the benefit of the removable visor?
A: The removable visor provides protection against sun glare, rain, and debris, enhancing your riding experience.

Q: Is it compatible with all Plixi Foldable Helmets?
A: Yes, the visor is designed to be unisize and fits all Plixi Foldable Helmets.

Q: How does it attach to the helmet?
A: The visor attaches simply and securely to the helmet with a clipping system, allowing for quick and easy removal.

Q: What about maintaining the visor?
A: Cleaning and maintaining the visor is hassle-free. It can be wiped down with a soft cloth, ensuring it stays looking new.

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