BOBLOV M5 128GB 2K Police Body Camera: Waterproof with GPS & Magnet Mount

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Introducing the BOBLOV M5: a top-tier body camera with 2K video capabilities. For those seeking clarity, storage and durability, this model stands out with its 128GB storage, GPS integration, and IP67 waterproof rating. Enhanced with a robust 4200MAH battery and magnet mount, it’s designed for long hours and various applications.
BOBLOV has carved a niche in the body camera market, and the M5 128GB 2K model solidifies its position. Equipped with a 1440P Body Mounted Cam, this camera captures crucial moments in sharp detail. What truly makes the M5 unique is its built-in GPS, allowing users to track locations of recordings – an essential feature for many professionals. Furthermore, its IP67 waterproof certification ensures that rain or accidental splashes won’t hinder its operation. Power is of no concern, thanks to the 4200MAH battery that promises extended usage. The magnet mount facilitates easy attachment, making it versatile for various scenarios.
Q: Can the BOBLOV M5 withstand rainy conditions?
A: Absolutely. With its IP67 waterproof rating, it’s designed to operate even in wet conditions.

Q: How long can I record with the 4200MAH battery?
A: The battery is designed for extended use, though the exact duration depends on the settings and usage frequency.

Q: Is the GPS feature optional?
A: The GPS is built into the M5 model. It enhances the functionality, especially for professionals who need to track the locations of their recordings.

Q: Does the magnet mount affect the camera’s performance?
A: No. The magnet mount is a convenient feature for attaching the camera securely. It does not impact the recording quality.

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