Brinno TLC2020 Construction Camera: Waterproof Bundle with ATH1000, ACC1000P Mount & BCC2000 Lite (2-Pack)

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When it comes to capturing stunning visuals of construction projects, one cannot underestimate the power of the right gear. Presenting the Brinno TLC2020: a construction-focused camera bundled with all the essentials for optimal performance.
Brinno’s TLC2020 is more than just a time lapse camera. Tailored for construction environments, it comes with waterproof housing (ATH1000), ensuring protection against the harshest of elements. Coupled with that is the ACC1000P mounting clamp, designed for the perfect angle every time. But, what truly stands out is the HDR FHD quality it promises. For those lengthy projects, the 99-day battery life is a boon, while the 360-degree rotating tripod arm offers unparalleled flexibility. This package is sweetened with the BCC2000 Lite, available in a 2-Pack, ensuring you’re always ready, no matter the scale of the project.
Q: What are the key features of the Brinno TLC2020?
A: The TLC2020 boasts waterproof housing (ATH1000), an ACC1000P mounting clamp, HDR FHD quality, a long-lasting battery, and a 360-degree rotating tripod arm.

Q: Is the BCC2000 Lite included in the package?
A: Yes, the package includes a 2-Pack of the BCC2000 Lite.

Q: Can the camera withstand harsh weather conditions?
A: Absolutely, thanks to the ATH1000 waterproof housing, it’s designed for challenging environments.

Q: Does the tripod arm offer flexibility in shooting angles?
A: Yes, the 360-degree rotating tripod arm ensures diverse angles for capturing your construction projects.

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