CASEMATIX Helmet Satchel Accommodates Two Roadbike Helmets, Cycling Extras, Spare Tubes, Bike Inflators and More Bicycle Components – Foam Impact Protection, Carry Option Only with Over Shoulder Band

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The CASEMATIX Helmet Satchel not only caters to your headgear requirements but is designed to house an array of cycling essentials. This reliable companion can stow not just one, but two roadbike helmets, alongside other crucial accessories. It takes special care of your cycling gloves, spare tubes, bike pumps, and more. All this, encased within impact absorbing foam to ensure utmost safety. The carrying case is exclusively designed to be shoulder-carried, simplifying mobility while cycling.
Cyclists understand the value of having their essential gear at arm’s reach. And when it comes to cycling, every accessory holds its significance. That’s where the CASEMATIX Helmet Satchel comes into play. It is more than just a helmet bag – it’s a comprehensive solution for storing all your cycling essentials in one convenient place.

The satchel can effortlessly house two roadbike helmets, making it ideal for pair cyclists or those owning more than one helmet. In addition, it provides adequate room for cycling gloves, spare tubes, bike pumps and many other bicycle accessories you might require. Its interior features impact absorbing foam, ensuring your items remain secure and well protected from the bumps and scrapes of the journey.

Its design is thoughtfully laid out with an ‘over shoulder band’ as the only carry option. This proves beneficial as it ensures your hands are free to manoeuvre your bicycle or perform other tasks. The CASEMATIX Helmet Satchel is not just a product; it’s an investment in convenience, functionality, and peace of mind.

Q: What can the CASEMATIX Helmet Satchel carry?
A: It can carry two roadbike helmets, cycling gloves, spare tubes, bike pumps and many other bicycle accessories.

Q: Does the satchel have any protection for stored items?
A: Yes, the satchel has an interior with impact absorbing foam to protect your accessories from damage.

Q: How can I carry the CASEMATIX Helmet Satchel?
A: The satchel comes with an over shoulder band, which is the exclusive carrying option.

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