COOAU 4K 20MP Action Camera with WiFi: Underwater 40M, External Mic, Remote & Accessories

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Introducing the COOAU 4K 20MP Action Camera, a robust partner for all your adventures. Dive deep with its 40M underwater capability, record clear audio with the external microphone, and manage your shots effortlessly using the remote. Additionally, it’s packed with two 1200mAh batteries and an extensive set of 20 accessories to ensure you’re always ready for the action.

The COOAU 4K Action Camera is not just another camera; it’s an experience. Its standout feature, the 20MP clarity combined with 4K video capabilities, ensures every shot is sharp, vibrant, and rich in detail. Being WiFi-enabled, it allows you to share your moments instantly.

Worried about battery life on your long trips? Don’t be. With two 1200mAh batteries included, the camera ensures continuous recording. Say goodbye to interruptions and missed moments.

One of the major perks is its 40M underwater capability. Whether you’re diving, snorkelling or just having a splash, this camera will capture every bubble and ripple with precision.

But what’s an action camera without good audio? With its external microphone, every sound, from the rush of the wind to the chirp of birds, is captured with clarity.

For those who like to be in control, the remote becomes an indispensable tool. Frame your shots, start and stop recording, all from a distance. And to sweeten the deal, a suite of 20 accessories ensures the camera fits perfectly into any scenario, whether mounted on a helmet, bike, or surfboard.

Q: What resolution does the COOAU Action Camera support?
A: It supports 4K video and 20MP photo clarity.

Q: Is there a feature to instantly share my recordings?
A: Yes, the camera is WiFi-enabled for instant sharing.

Q: How long do the batteries last?
A: It comes with two 1200mAh batteries, but the exact duration will depend on usage.

Q: Can I use this camera for diving?
A: Absolutely, it boasts a 40M underwater capability.

Q: Does it come with mounting accessories?
A: Yes, it includes a comprehensive set of 20 accessories for various mounting needs.

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