COOAU 4K Action Camera 20MP WiFi: Underwater, External Mic, 170° Wide View & Accessories

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Introducing the COOAU 4K Action Camera. Designed for adventures, this camera boasts a 20MP resolution with WiFi capabilities. Dive deeper and capture moments underwater up to 40M or maintain control remotely. With an external microphone, every sound is crystal clear. Its wide 170° view ensures you never miss a detail. Plus, with additional accessories, your filming possibilities are endless.

The COOAU 4K Action Camera is not just any typical camera. It’s a gateway to memories, a tool to capture every vibrant detail of your adventures. The 20MP quality guarantees crisp, clear photos, whilst the WiFi feature allows for seamless sharing. Going snorkelling? No worries. This camera dives right in with you, ready to shoot up to 40M underwater.

Sound is often an underrated aspect of videography, but not with the COOAU. With an external microphone, you can capture the whisper of the waves or the rustle of the leaves. Its 170° wide view angle is perfect for those scenic landscapes or action-packed adventures.

But that’s not all. It comes loaded with extra features and accessories. Control your shots remotely or dive into various modes to get the perfect shot. The package also provides two 1200mAh batteries ensuring you have enough power for extended shooting sessions.

Q: What resolution does the COOAU Action Camera offer?
A: The COOAU boasts a 4K video resolution and 20MP photo quality.

Q: Can I use this camera for underwater shots?
A: Absolutely, it’s designed for underwater captures up to 40M deep.

Q: Does the camera come with any additional accessories?
A: Yes, it includes a plethora of accessories including two 1200mAh batteries.

Q: What’s the benefit of the external microphone?
A: It ensures crisp and clear audio, capturing subtle sounds that internal mics might miss.

Q: Is remote controlling possible with this camera?
A: Indeed, it comes equipped with a remote control feature for added convenience.

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