Detachable VG110 Bicycle Helmet Magnetic Visor: VICTGOAL Innovation

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Discover the versatility of the VICTGOAL VG110 Bicycle Helmet! Enhanced with a detachable magnetic bike helmet goggles visor, this helmet is not only about safety but also about customising your ride experience to suit your needs.

Uniquely designed, the VG110 helmet from VICTGOAL sports a detachable magnetic goggles visor. This feature gives cyclists the option to easily remove or attach the visor as needed, providing an unobstructed field of vision when riding.

This helmet’s magnetic visor offers another layer of protection. Not only does it shield your eyes from dust and debris while cycling, but it also provides an effective barrier against the glare of the sun. With the visor’s magnetic attachment, you can quickly add or remove it without hassle, a feature particularly useful for those unpredictable weather changes.

The VG110 helmet is about giving riders flexibility and options. Whether you prefer a visor for sunny conditions, or would rather have an open-faced helmet for better visibility, this model allows for both. Plus, the magnetic attachment ensures a secure fit, so the visor won’t accidentally detach while you’re on the move.

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