Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0 – Waterproof Camera for Kids, 1080P with 16GB Card (Blue)

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Experience a world through youthful eyes with Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0, an impeccable mix of fun and technology tailored for younger enthusiasts. Dive deep or explore wide – this waterproof camera is primed for adventures, all while capturing sharp 1080P moments. Coupled with a 16GB memory card, your child’s escapades are ready to be recorded, remembered, and relived.

Capturing memories isn’t just for grown-ups. The Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0 ensures that even our younger generations can participate in this joy. Created with them in mind, this camera is not only robust and waterproof, but it’s also designed for simplicity and ease of use. Whether it’s a day at the pool or a bicycle race in the backyard, this device is ready to document every laugh and leap.

Why choose the Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0?

Waterproof Design: Whether splashing or submerging, this camera keeps moisture out, allowing adventurous underwater shots.
1080P Resolution: Capture clear and vibrant visuals, making every moment worth revisiting.
User-Friendly: Engineered with a kid-friendly interface so they can start recording without a steep learning curve.
16GB Memory Card Included: Offers ample storage for numerous adventures. Your young one won’t have to worry about running out of space too soon.
Durability: Built to withstand the knocks and drops that come with energetic use.

With the Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0 in their hands, your kids won’t just be participants in adventures; they’ll be the storytellers.

**Q:** Who is the Dragon Touch Kidicam 2.0 suitable for?
**A:** Designed for kids, it’s perfect for young adventurers keen on documenting their experiences.

Q: Can the camera be used in a swimming pool?
A: Absolutely! It’s waterproof, making it suitable for both splashes and submersion.

Q: What’s the video quality like?
A: It offers 1080P resolution, ensuring clear and vibrant visuals.

Q: How much storage does the included memory card offer?
A: The package comes with a 16GB memory card, providing ample space for numerous recordings.

Q: Is the camera easy for kids to use?
A: Yes, the Kidicam 2.0 has a user-friendly interface tailored for younger users.

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