Drift Ghost XL Snow Edition 1080P Action Cam with 32G SD Card

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Introducing the Drift Ghost XL Snow Edition – the pinnacle of waterproof action cameras. Flaunting a 140-degree wide angle and external mic support, it stands out in capturing every adventure. Plus, a 32G SD card kicks off your recording journey from the get-go.
Capturing moments with impeccable clarity is crucial. The Drift Ghost XL Snow Edition comes with 1080P resolution, ensuring every detail is in focus. Dive deeper into the underwater world or hit the snowy slopes, its waterproof capability has you covered. And with its vast 140-degree wide-angle lens, nothing gets left out of the frame. The camera’s support for an external mic further amplifies its performance. With a 32G SD card included, you’re equipped to start your recording saga instantly.
Q: What’s the resolution of the Drift Ghost XL Snow Edition?
A: It’s 1080P.

Q: Is the camera waterproof?
A: Yes, it’s designed for underwater use and more.

Q: Does it come with an SD card?
A: Yes, a 32G SD card is included.

Q: Can I attach an external microphone?
A: Absolutely, it supports external mic attachment.

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