Evoc 60l Ski Bag: Helmet & Boot Backpack in Olive

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Discover the Evoc unisex-adult backpack, a versatile 60l ski bag crafted to carry both your helmet and boots. Flaunting an olive hue and optimal dimensions, it’s a must-have for winter sport enthusiasts.

When it comes to transporting essential skiing equipment, nothing beats the convenience of a well-designed bag. The Evoc 60l ski bag stands out with its unisex-adult design, ensuring everyone can carry their boots and helmet with ease. Designed in an appealing olive shade, this bag isn’t just functional – it’s stylish too.

Boasting a size of 35x35x56cm, it’s the perfect fit for your skiing gear. The robust construction ensures durability, even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you’re heading to the slopes or storing your gear off-season, the Evoc bag delivers unmatched performance.

Q: Who is the Evoc 60l ski bag designed for?
A: It’s a unisex-adult design, suitable for both men and women.

Q: Can this bag accommodate both a ski helmet and boots?
A: Absolutely, it’s crafted to carry both items conveniently.

Q: What’s the colour of the bag?
A: The bag comes in an appealing olive hue.

Q: Are the dimensions of the bag sufficient for standard ski gear?
A: Yes, with a size of 35x35x56cm, it caters to typical skiing equipment needs.

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