FW001 Magnetic Goggles and Detachable Visor for Biking Helmets by FUNWICT

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When it comes to cycling, comfort and safety should always go hand in hand. Introducing the FW001 Magnetic Bike Helmet Goggles by FUNWICT – an innovative solution for those who take biking seriously. These removable visors are not just a sun shield, but an add-on that significantly enhances your biking experience.
Every cycling enthusiast knows the struggle of dealing with unpredictable weather conditions and the glaring sun. With FUNWICT’s FW001 Magnetic Bike Helmet Goggles, you’re prepared for any situation. These are not just ordinary goggles; they are equipped with a detachable sun visor that offers optimal eye protection and clear visibility.

The FW001 Magnetic Goggles are designed to fit seamlessly onto your cycling helmet. They are not just easy to attach, but also just as simple to remove, thanks to the powerful magnetic mechanism. Whether you’re cycling under the blazing sun or in challenging weather, these goggles with a detachable sun visor are your reliable companion.

Moreover, the FW001 model is designed with a focus on robustness and durability. They stand up to extreme conditions while offering comfort and protection. Engineered for a snug fit, these goggles ensure a secure and comfortable biking experience, regardless of the terrain.

The inclusion of a sun visor makes these goggles exceptionally versatile. Not only does it shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, but it also provides clear vision, even in harsh sunlight. Thanks to the removable feature, you can easily detach the visor when it’s not required, making the FW001 a truly adaptable accessory for all your cycling adventures.
Q: Are the FW001 Magnetic Goggles compatible with all helmets?
A: Yes, the FW001 Magnetic Goggles are designed to fit most standard-sized cycling helmets.

Q: Can the sun visor shield from UV rays?
A: Absolutely. The sun visor is designed not only to guard against glare but also to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Q: Is it complicated to attach and detach the visor?
A: Not at all. The FW001 Magnetic Goggles feature a simple yet secure magnetic mechanism, allowing you to attach and detach the visor with ease.

Q: How durable are these goggles?
A: The FW001 model is built with durability in mind. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions, offering reliable performance and longevity.

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