Giro Ethos MIPS Shield: Urban & Commuter Cycling Helmet

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Discover the Giro Ethos MIPS Shield, tailored for urban and commuter cyclists. Designed with safety and style in mind, this helmet provides ultimate comfort and protection for your daily rides. Dive into the details to find out what sets it apart from others in the market.
Equipped with advanced features, the Giro Ethos MIPS Shield Helmet delivers robust protection without compromising on aesthetics. The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is engineered to add more protection against rotational motion. Its unique shield design complements the urban commuter look.

MIPS Technology: Enhances the traditional helmet design, providing an extra layer of safety.
Adjustable Fit System: Customise your fit for maximum comfort on long rides.
Ventilation System: Keeps you cool with well-designed airflow channels.
Sleek Design: The design appeals to the urban cyclist with aesthetics and functionality combined.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional city rider, the Giro Ethos MIPS Shield Helmet could be your next essential gear. Explore the purchasing options to see how you can add this helmet to your cycling arsenal.
Q: How does the MIPS technology work in the Giro Ethos helmet?
A: MIPS technology allows the helmet to slide relative to the head, adding protection against rotational motion which can cause brain injuries.

Q: Is the Giro Ethos helmet suitable for all weather conditions?
A: Yes, the helmet’s ventilation system ensures comfort in various conditions, and the shield helps protect against wind and rain.

Q: Where can I purchase the Giro Ethos MIPS Shield Helmet?
A: You can find the helmet at major sporting goods retailers and online platforms that sell cycling accessories.

Q: How do I know what size to choose for the Giro Ethos Helmet?
A: Most retailers offer sizing guides to help you choose the perfect fit. Measuring your head circumference and comparing it to the manufacturer’s sizing chart is a reliable method.

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