Giro ISODE Helmet: MATT White Unisize 54-61CM

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Delve into the features and specifics of the Giro ISODE Helmet. Boasting a MATT White finish and designed for a universal size range of 54-61CM, it’s a top pick for safety-conscious riders.
When it comes to protecting your noggin, the Giro ISODE Helmet doesn’t hold back. With its sleek MATT White finish and comprehensive coverage, riders can enjoy not just the aesthetics but also the peace of mind. Sized to fit a range of head circumferences from 54-61CM, the helmet seeks to cater to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts. Its design prioritises both comfort and safety, ensuring that your ride, be it long distances or short commutes, remains a pleasant experience.
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Q: What’s the primary colour of the Giro ISODE Helmet?
A: The primary colour is MATT White.

Q: For which head size range is the helmet designed?
A: It’s designed for a head size range of 54-61CM.

Q: Does the helmet provide coverage for extended rides?
A: Yes, its design ensures comfort and safety for both long distances and short commutes.

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