Giro Register Matte Black Bike Helmet – One Size

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Introducing the Giro Register Bike Helmet in matte black, designed to offer an optimal fit for every cyclist.
With safety and style paramount, the Giro Register Helmet stands out in its matte black finish. Suitable for any cyclist, its one-size design ensures a comfortable fit, whilst maintaining an unparalleled level of protection. The helmet’s sleek appearance doesn’t compromise on functionality; it’s crafted to meet the demands of every biking enthusiast.
Q: What colour is the Giro Register Bike Helmet?
A: It’s matte black.
Q: Is it available in multiple sizes?
A: No, it comes in one size that’s designed to fit most.
Q: Does the helmet compromise on safety for style?
A: Absolutely not! Safety remains a top priority, while its stylish design is an added advantage.

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