GoPro Dual HERO System for HERO3+: Essential Guide?

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Discover the intricacies of the GoPro Dual HERO System tailored for HERO3+. Delve into its features, benefits, and common queries, ensuring you get the most out of this accessory. Note: This system doesn’t come with the camera.

The GoPro Dual HERO System is a breakthrough in capturing dynamic moments. Designed specifically for the HERO3+ model, this system provides users with an unparalleled experience.


Enables the capturing of photos and videos simultaneously.
Provides synchronous recording which can be merged to produce 3D content.
Offers extended battery life.


Achieve more dynamic and immersive footage.
Extend your recording duration without frequent battery swaps.
Dive deeper into editing with the potential for 3D content creation.

How to Use:

Ensure your HERO3+ is compatible.
Attach the system to your camera.
Select your desired settings.
Begin capturing mesmerising moments.

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