GoPro HERO10 Black Bundle: Camera, Shorty Grip, Swivel Clip, Batteries & Case

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Discover the comprehensive GoPro HERO10 Black bundle tailored to enhance your capturing experience. Dive deep into what this package offers, from its pivotal camera to the nifty accessories that accompany it.
When it comes to capturing your adventures, the GoPro HERO10 Black stands unmatched. This bundle not only includes the iconic HERO10 camera but a set of essential accessories that elevate your recording sessions:

HERO10 Camera: Known for its premium quality and crystal clear captures, the HERO10 Black is a must-have for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Grip): A versatile tool that acts as both a grip and an extension pole, ensuring you get the best shots from every angle.

Magnetic Swivel Clip: Attach your camera to a variety of surfaces with ease, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Rechargeable Batteries: With two batteries included, rest assured that you’ll always have backup power on the go.

Camera Case: Store and transport your camera and accessories securely, protecting them from potential damages.

Whether you’re new to the GoPro family or simply upgrading, this bundle ensures you’re equipped with everything you need.
**Q:** What does the GoPro HERO10 Black bundle include?
**A:** The bundle comprises the HERO10 Camera, Shorty (a mini extension pole and grip), Magnetic Swivel Clip, two rechargeable batteries, and a protective camera case.

Q: Is the Shorty only an extension pole?
A: No, the Shorty serves dual purposes. It’s both a grip and a mini extension pole.

Q: Can I attach the Magnetic Swivel Clip to any surface?
A: While the Magnetic Swivel Clip offers strong adherence, it’s ideal for magnetic surfaces. Always ensure the surface provides a secure attachment.

Q: How many batteries are provided in the bundle?
A: The bundle comes with two rechargeable batteries for extended recording times.

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