GoPro MAX 360 Camera Bundle: 64GB Card, UFO 2 Tripod & Cleaning Set

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Explore the robust features of the GoPro MAX 360 Camera Bundle. Equipped with a 64GB MicroSDXC Card, the flexible FotoPro UFO 2 Tripod, and a thorough cleaning kit, this package ensures top-notch capture experience.
Photography enthusiasts understand the importance of a reliable camera and its accessories. The GoPro MAX 360 stands out, not just because of its capability to capture moments in a stunning 360-degree view, but also due to its compatibility with cutting-edge accessories. The 64GB MicroSDXC Card provides ample storage, ensuring that you don’t run out of space during those crucial moments. Accompanying this camera is the versatile FotoPro UFO 2 Tripod, known for its flexibility and adaptability to diverse terrains. The bundle rounds off with a cleaning kit, ensuring that the camera remains in pristine condition, ready to chronicle your adventures.
Q: What storage capacity comes with this bundle?
A: The bundle includes a 64GB MicroSDXC Card.

Q: Is the tripod suitable for outdoor use?
A: Yes, the FotoPro UFO 2 Tripod is flexible and can adapt to various terrains, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Q: How can I maintain the camera’s cleanliness?
A: The bundle provides a cleaning kit to help keep your camera in optimal condition.

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