GoPro MAX: Waterproof 360 & Traditional Touch Screen Camera 5.6K30 16.6MP

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Discover the GoPro MAX, not only your regular camera but also a waterproof 360-degree camera with touch screen capabilities. Offering stunning 5.6K30 video and impressive 16.6MP photos, it takes imagery to the next level.
Dive into the world of GoPro with the MAX model, boasting a unique combination of traditional and 360-degree camera features. Designed for both adventurers and photographers, it’s a tool that provides immense versatility. Key features include:

Waterproof Design: Whether you’re underwater or caught in the rain, this camera ensures your captured moments remain crystal clear.
Touch Screen Functionality: Navigate with ease using the intuitive touch screen.
Spherical 5.6K30 HD Video: Record life in breathtaking quality, capturing every detail in vibrant clarity.
16.6MP 360 Photos: Take mesmerising 360-degree photos that place viewers right in the centre of the action.
1080p Live Streaming: Share your adventures in real time, ensuring friends and fans experience your moments as they unfold.
Stabilisation: Say goodbye to shaky footage. With advanced stabilisation, your videos will always appear smooth and professional.

With the GoPro MAX, capturing and sharing memories becomes a seamless experience, meeting the demands of modern content creators and enthusiasts.
Q: Can the GoPro MAX function as both a 360 and traditional camera?
A: Absolutely, it offers the versatility of both in a single device.

Q: Is the touch screen user-friendly for those unfamiliar with GoPro devices?
A: Yes, the touch screen is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and seasoned users.

Q: How does the stabilisation feature work?
A: The stabilisation ensures that videos remain steady, reducing the chances of blurry or shaky footage, even during high-action moments.

Q: Can I live stream while partaking in underwater activities?
A: While the GoPro MAX is waterproof, live streaming underwater may be affected by connectivity issues. It’s best suited for land or surface water broadcasts.

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