Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz Extra Nubbins | Swap and Secure with Magnetism | Pair (Helmet Unsupplied)

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Experience a revolution in personalising your protective gear with the Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz Extra Nubbins. Presented as a pair, these nifty add-ons grant you the freedom to alter your helmet’s look without any hassle. Unleash your unique style and flair with these easily interchangeable, magnetic accessories. Please note, the helmet isn’t part of the offer.
Bring your helmet to life with the dynamic and versatile MagNeatOhz Extra Nubbins from Helmet Flair. Crafted with an innovative magnetic design, they enable a swift and secure interchange of helmet decorations. Simple and user-friendly, they aim to enhance your helmet’s aesthetic while maintaining its integrity.

Experience the joy of customisation without any added complications. It’s your chance to showcase your individuality in an exciting yet secure way. The pack comes as a pair, perfect for mix-and-match style ventures. Though the helmet isn’t supplied, these unique add-ons stand as independent entities capable of enhancing any compatible protective gear.

Key features include strong magnets for a firm grip and additional nubbins for an extra touch of style. Designed for versatility, they ensure your helmet displays your personality with elegance and boldness. Embrace the chance to transform your ordinary helmet into a stylish accessory.
Q: Are the Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz Extra Nubbins sold as a pair?
A: Yes, they are offered as a pair for versatile styling.

Q: Can I use these with any helmet?
A: While they’re designed to be versatile, it’s crucial to check your helmet’s compatibility before purchase.

Q: Is the helmet included with the purchase of MagNeatOhz Extra Nubbins?
A: No, the helmet isn’t part of the offer. You’re purchasing the magnetic nubbins.

Q: How do the Extra Nubbins attach to the helmet?
A: They attach securely through a magnetic mechanism, ensuring easy interchangeability.

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