Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz: Petite Demon Horns Accessory | Crafted in USA | Adaptable for Motorcycle, Bike, Ski Helmets | Interchangeable Magnets | Set (Excludes Helmet)

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Introduce your helmet to a touch of the mischievous with the Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz Petite Demon Horns. This unique, American-crafted accessory offers a quirky way to personalise your headgear, whether it’s for motorcycling, biking or skiing. The main attraction? Interchangeable magnets which allow for seamless attachment and detachment!
Stand out in a crowd with the Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz Petite Demon Horns, made proudly in the USA. A fun and easy way to add personality to your helmet, this magnetic accessory is sure to turn heads. The small devil horns, perfect for motorcycle, bike, and ski helmets, are not just fun, they’re also incredibly practical. Thanks to their magnetic nature, they can be attached and detached with ease, allowing for quick customisation. Please note, however, that the helmet is not included in the pair of horns.
Q: Can these horns fit any helmet?
A: Yes, thanks to the magnetic design, these horns can be easily attached to any helmet.

Q: Are they sturdy enough for high-speed activities?
A: Absolutely, the magnets are strong and ensure that the horns stay put, even at high speeds.

Q: Can the horns damage the helmet?
A: No, the magnetic attachment is designed to be safe and should not cause any damage to your helmet.

Q: Are they made in the USA?
A: Yes, the Helmet Flair MagNeatOhz Petite Demon Horns are proudly made in the USA.

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