HHongJM Helmet Pigtail: 24-Inch Helmet Hair Tails in Varied Colours

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Discover HHongJM’s Helmet Pigtail, a distinct touch for your helmet. Elevate the appearance of any helmet with a 24-inch ponytail braid in an array of vibrant colours. Noteworthy: the helmet isn’t part of the purchase.

Enhance your helmet’s aesthetic with HHongJM’s Helmet Pigtail. Whether it’s for a motorcycle, bicycle, or any other type of helmet, this accessory offers a touch of personality and flair. Crafted with a reusable design, these braids are not only versatile but also sustainable. With numerous colours available, pick one that resonates with your style or mood. Affixing the pigtail is straightforward, ensuring that you can switch between looks with ease.

Q: Can I use this pigtail on any helmet type?
A: Absolutely. The HHongJM Helmet Pigtail is versatile and can be affixed to various helmet models.

Q: Is the helmet included in my purchase?
A: No, the pigtail is sold separately. The helmet isn’t included.

Q: How many colours are available?
A: The pigtail comes in a myriad of vibrant colours. There’s one for every style and preference.

Q: Is the design truly reusable?
A: Yes. The pigtail is crafted with a reusable design, allowing for multiple uses without wear.

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