HHongJM Synthetic Mohawks for Helmets: Perfect for Motorcycles & Bicycles

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Accentuate your helmet with a dash of flair thanks to the HHongJM Helmet Hawks Synthetic Wig. This engaging accessory is not merely restricted to motorbike helmets but finds equal utility with almost any helmet or headgear. Stick it on with ease and showcase your unique style. Note: The helmet is not a part of the purchase.
Differentiate your headgear from the crowd with the engaging and unique design of the HHongJM Helmet Hawks Synthetic Wig. This synthetic mohawk is not only ideal for motorcycle helmets but can also adorn other helmets, such as those for bicycles. Its stick-on, reusable design ensures an easy application process, allowing you to showcase your style without any fuss. Please be mindful that the product purchase doesn’t include a helmet.

The mohawk is made from synthetic materials of superior quality, ensuring durability and lasting service. It’s designed for all-weather use, meaning it can withstand the challenges thrown at it by nature. Its vibrant design adds an extra layer of visibility, enhancing safety while you ride. The wig is reusable and can easily be attached or detached from your helmet, depending on your preference.
Q: Does this mohawk come with a helmet?
A: No, the purchase only includes the synthetic mohawk. The helmet isn’t part of the package.

Q: Can I use the mohawk on other helmets apart from motorcycle ones?
A: Yes, the mohawk is versatile and can be used with almost any helmet.

Q: Is the design reusable?
A: Absolutely, the mohawk features a stick-on design that’s reusable, so you can easily attach and detach it from your helmet.

Q: Is the mohawk weather-resistant?
A: The mohawk is made from high-quality synthetic materials designed for all-weather use.

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