Icefox 4K Underwater Cam: 20MP, 40M Waterproof, External Mic, Ultra-Wide Angle in Gray

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Delve deep into the realms of photography with the Icefox 4K Underwater Camera. Designed for adventurers, this camera merges quality with resilience, ensuring moments, whether under the waves or on solid ground, are captured with pristine clarity.
Equipped with 4K capabilities, the Icefox Underwater Camera stands out in the world of photography gear. With a 20MP camera, every shot ensures detailed precision. Being waterproof up to 40M, aquatic enthusiasts can capture underwater wonders without a hitch. An external microphone ensures that sound recordings are clear, capturing the ambiance of every environment. The 170° ultra-wide angle lens ensures a comprehensive view, leaving no detail unnoticed. Finally, its gray design gives it a sleek and modern appearance, while WiFi connectivity allows for immediate sharing and seamless transfers.
Q: Can the Icefox Camera be used for both underwater and land photography?
A: Absolutely! While it’s designed for underwater adventures up to 40M deep, it’s equally efficient on land.

Q: Does the ultra-wide angle lens distort the image edges?
A: The 170° ultra-wide angle lens is crafted to capture vast scenes without noticeable distortion.

Q: How does the external microphone perform in noisy environments?
A: The external microphone is designed to pick up clear sounds, making it ideal even in louder settings.

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