ILM B2-21 Model: Featherweight Helmet for Cyclists – Suitable for All Ages & Types of Cycling

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An essential piece of gear for any cyclist, the ILM B2-21 model helmet ensures safety, comfort and ease of use for cyclists across all age groups. With its lightweight design, it’s optimal for adults, children, road cyclists or mountain bikers alike.
Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just starting out, the ILM B2-21 bicycle helmet combines form, fit and function for an optimal cycling experience. Its lightweight design reduces strain, ensuring you can focus on the ride.

Crafted for men, women, and young cyclists, this helmet ensures everyone’s safety is prioritized. It’s not just the material that’s light but the dial fit adjustment makes it customizable for varying head sizes, proving that comfort doesn’t need to compromise security.

For road cyclists who navigate bustling city streets, or mountain bikers who tackle rocky terrains, this helmet provides sturdy protection against unexpected incidents. A helmet like the ILM B2-21 isn’t just an accessory – it’s an essential tool in your cycling gear collection. So why not equip yourself with the best and enjoy the ride with the assurance of safety?
Q: Who can use the ILM B2-21 model helmet?
A: The ILM B2-21 is designed for all types of cyclists – men, women, children, road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Q: How does the helmet accommodate different head sizes?
A: It comes with a dial fit adjustment system, allowing you to easily customise the helmet’s fit to your head.

Q: Is the helmet heavy?
A: No, it’s a lightweight helmet. This design ensures less strain during your ride, making it comfortable for prolonged use.

Q: Can the ILM B2-21 be used for mountain and road cycling?
A: Yes, the helmet is versatile and can be used for different cycling environments including road and mountain biking.

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