Insta360 Extended Selfie Stick for ONE Series Cameras

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For those seeking the perfect shot with their Insta360 cameras, the extended selfie stick edition is a must-have accessory. Compatible with ONE X2, ONE R, ONE X, and ONE action cameras, it allows users to capture breathtaking perspectives and unforgettable moments.
Insta360 is renowned for producing some of the most cutting-edge cameras available. To complement these devices, the extended selfie stick provides users with greater reach and flexibility. Stretching up to approximately 3m, it offers a unique vantage point for panoramic views, group photos, and action shots. It’s durable, lightweight, and designed specifically for the ONE series, ensuring secure attachment and steady usage.
Q: Can this selfie stick be used with other camera models?
A: While primarily designed for the Insta360 ONE series, it might fit other models with similar mounts. However, optimal performance is guaranteed with ONE X2, ONE R, ONE X, and ONE action cameras.

Q: What’s the maximum length of the stick?
A: The stick extends up to roughly 3m or approximately 9.8ft.

Q: Is it sturdy when fully extended?
A: Yes, it’s constructed with durability in mind, ensuring stability even at its maximum length.

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