Insta360 X3 Bundle: Invisible 114cm Stick & Lens Cap Included

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Explore the all-in-one package of the Insta360 X3, encompassing an invisible 114cm selfie stick and a protective lens cap. It’s the ultimate kit for enthusiasts aiming for seamless and shielded photography.
Designed for the keen photographers and videography aficionados, the Insta360 X3 offers unparalleled functionality and quality. Its 114cm invisible selfie stick ensures that one can capture wide angles without any obstructions, making every snapshot perfect. The addition of the X3 lens cap guarantees protection against daily wear and tear, accidental smudges, or scratches, ensuring longevity and clarity for every image or video. Together, this bundle forms the crux of state-of-the-art photography, ensuring every shot is nothing short of perfection.

Q: What’s included in the Insta360 X3 bundle?
A: The bundle comprises the Insta360 X3, an invisible 114cm selfie stick, and the X3 lens cap.

Q: Can the selfie stick be detected in the shots?
A: No, the 114cm invisible selfie stick is designed to remain unseen in the frame.

Q: Is the X3 lens cap essential?
A: While the Insta360 X3 functions without it, the lens cap provides additional protection against scratches and smudges. It’s recommended for ensuring the lens stays in pristine condition.

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