Introducing iZEEKER iA100 Action Camera: 4K30FPS, 20MP, WiFi Enabled, Ultra HD Touchscreen, Waterproof to 40M, Perfect for Vlogging and Bicycle Helmet Use (Includes Remote Control, Twin 1050mAh Batteries, Charger, and Essential Accessories)

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Dive into an immersive visual experience with the iZEEKER iA100 Action Camera. This high-performing gadget captures life in brilliant 4K30FPS, delivering 20MP photos, and providing WiFi connectivity. Whether you’re vlogging, cycling, or exploring underwater worlds, the iA100 is your perfect companion. Designed with a user-friendly Ultra HD touchscreen and encased in a robust waterproof housing capable of withstanding depths of up to 40M, it’s tailored to record every adventure. Moreover, this package also includes a remote control, twin 1050mAh batteries, a charger, and an essential accessory kit.
Boasting a 4K30FPS resolution, the iZEEKER iA100 Action Camera is designed to deliver superior image quality, making it perfect for capturing fast-paced action and stunning sceneries. Its 20MP capability ensures high-resolution photos, while the built-in WiFi facilitates quick and easy sharing of your epic adventures.

The Ultra HD touchscreen streamlines navigation, ensuring you’re ready to capture your next adventure in seconds. Encased in a rugged housing, the iA100 is waterproof up to 40M, making it ideal for a variety of water-based activities, from snorkelling to deep-sea diving.

Designed for vloggers, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts, the iA100 easily mounts on bicycle helmets, delivering thrilling POV footage. The included remote control allows for easy operation, even while you’re on the move.

Beyond the camera, this package comes with twin 1050mAh batteries, ensuring you won’t run out of power mid-adventure. A charger and a comprehensive accessory kit round off this all-inclusive package, making the iA100 a one-stop solution for all your action camera needs.
Q: Can I use the iZEEKER iA100 Action Camera for deep-sea diving?
A: Absolutely! The iA100 comes encased in a robust waterproof housing, capable of withstanding depths of up to 40M.

Q: Does this camera support WiFi connectivity?
A: Yes, the iA100 Action Camera has built-in WiFi. This makes it quick and easy to share your captured images and videos.

Q: Is this camera suitable for vlogging?
A: Definitely. With its 4K30FPS and 20MP capability, the iA100 is perfect for vlogging. The Ultra HD touchscreen makes it user-friendly, and the included remote control allows for easy operation.

Q: Does the package include batteries and a charger?
A: Yes, the iA100 package includes twin 1050mAh batteries and a charger. This ensures you won’t run out of power mid-adventure.

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