Is the i.Trek Gopro Hero Chest Mount Harness Right for You?

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Explore the i.Trek Gopro Hero Chest Mount Harness, tailored with a 3-way adjustment base, j Hook, and a dedicated carrying bag. Exclusively compatible with Gopro Hero HD series ranging from 1 to 4. Dive deep into its features, benefits, and see if it meets your requirements.

The i.Trek Gopro Hero Chest Mount Harness stands out due to its impeccable design and utility. With a unique 3-way adjustment base, users find flexibility in capturing their desired angles and perspectives. The j Hook, a distinctive feature, ensures that the camera remains stable even during dynamic activities. Furthermore, the accompanying carrying bag simplifies transportation, ensuring that your gear is safe and readily available when the adventure calls. Designed exclusively for the Gopro Hero HD series (1, 2, 3, 3+, and 4), it ensures compatibility without hitches.

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