iZEEKER iA800 Action Camera: 4K Dual Screen, 24MP Vlog, 40M Waterproof, Remote, 10x Zoom & More

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Meet the iZEEKER iA800 Action Camera – a revolutionary device for videographers with unmatched features. Dual screens, remarkable 24MP for vlogging, and an impressive waterproof threshold make it an essential tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The iZEEKER iA800 isn’t just any action camera. Boasting a staggering 4K resolution at smooth frame rates, it ensures every detail gets captured. Its dual screen offers both front and back views, simplifying vlogging and ensuring you’re always in the frame.

But that’s not all. Imagine diving deep, about 40M, and still being able to capture the beauty of the underwater world. That’s made possible with its exceptional waterproof capabilities. Add in the 10x zoom feature, and you’ve got a camera that brings distant scenes closer than ever.

Worried about running out of power? Fear not! The package includes not one, but two 1350mAh batteries, ensuring extended shooting sessions. And for those on the move, the remote control functionality offers ease of use when setting up shots from a distance.

Plus, the accessory kit makes sure you’re ready for any adventure, whether on land or water. From mounts to protective casings, every detail is designed with the user in mind.

Q: Can I use the iZEEKER iA800 for both underwater and land vlogging?
A: Absolutely. Its 40M waterproof capability ensures it performs excellently underwater, while its dual screens and 24MP resolution are perfect for land-based vlogging.

Q: How many batteries are included with the camera?
A: The iZEEKER iA800 comes with two 1350mAh batteries for extended usage.

Q: Is there a zoom feature on the camera?
A: Yes, the iA800 has a 10x zoom feature, bringing distant subjects closer for a detailed capture.

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