KASK PROTONE WG11 Olive Green Matt Adult Helmet: Road & Gravel

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The KASK PROTONE WG11 in Olive Green Matt is a premier choice for adults seeking a robust helmet tailored for both road and gravel cycling.
When venturing into the diverse terrains of cycling, having a helmet that caters to various environments is imperative. The KASK PROTONE WG11, finished in a sleek Olive Green Matt, is not just a regular helmet; it’s a blend of style and safety. Suited for adults, its design keeps in mind the rigorous demands of both road and gravel cycling. The helmet ensures protection without compromising comfort, making your ride smooth and secure.

Q: Does the KASK PROTONE WG11 come in other colours?
A: Yes, while this particular model is in Olive Green Matt, KASK offers a variety of shades for their PROTONE helmets.

Q: Is this helmet suitable for mountain biking?
A: While it’s designed primarily for road and gravel cycling, it can provide basic protection for lighter mountain biking trails. However, for more rigorous trails, a specialised mountain biking helmet might be recommended.

Q: What size is this helmet?
A: The mentioned model is size 58, making it ideal for many adult head sizes.

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