KASK Urban R: Commuting Helmet with Visor Adjust

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Delving into the essence of urban commuting, KASK presents the Urban R helmet – a stylish and practical head protection piece for city cyclists.
When commuting in bustling urban environments, your safety is paramount. The KASK Urban R helmet offers not only a sleek design but also features tailor-made for the metropolitan rider. Its unique adjustable visor sets it apart, allowing riders to customise their shield from the sun and other elements. Beyond the visor, its structure provides an optimal blend of comfort and protection. Designed for those who navigate city streets, it’s the ideal companion for daily journeys.
Q: What sets the KASK Urban R helmet apart?
A: Its standout feature is the adjustable visor, perfect for urban riders who need flexibility against various weather conditions. Additionally, its design focuses on the unique challenges faced by city cyclists, ensuring both style and safety.

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